Attributes of a Great Leader

True leadership is very difficult unless those making the decisions are wholly committed to their goals. Leaders also need passion and intelligence to tap into behaviours that will command respect and get other people engaged; the best bosses recognise that bringing new faces into the equation is crucial to strategy that will enable sound decision-making. The […]


The Psychology of Endurance in Life or Death Situations

On 13th November 2015, British polar explorer, Henry Worsely, attempted to cross Antarctica, solo and unassisted.  Everything he needed for his mammoth 80-day expedition was pulled behind him on a sled: food, fuel and equipment, while his body carried years of training and experience. Fascinated by the “unbelievable science” of Antarctica, the former lieutenant colonel began his […]

Jumlingtar girls

Day 1: YYY Foundation Visits School Reconstruction

Prior to the e2e Challenge this October, YYY Foundation are in Nepal, re-visiting relief projects in communites that were torn apart by the 2015 earthquakes. Among the team are Helen and Sarah. They recently visited Jumlingtar school, which YYY Foundation began re-building last year. The school block was built first, followed by all-important toilets. These were […]


A Swim of Two Halves

On August 31st 2016, Dave Shepard and Phil Couch – aka the Swimhalers – attempted to swim the English Channel. Unfortunately, despite endless training and preparation, the two endurance athletes were thwarted at the final hurdle by stormy weather.  Below, Dave goes into more detail about the day the Swimhalers came within reaching distance of completing […]