The e2e Challenge 17 aims to generate essential funds for YYY Foundation, a UK registered charity dedicated to bringing relief to earthquake victims in Nepal.

KTM collapsed houses
Buildings reduced to rubble in the Nepali capital, Kathmandu

In the time since YYY Foundation started raising money, immediately after the earthquakes in Nepal back in April 2015, they have raised a fantastic total of almost £35,000.

Jumlingtar school rubble
The 2015 earthquakes destroyed communities across Nepal and neighbouring countries

Most of this money has been used to provide finance towards the rebuilding of four schools in Nepal, three of which have been finished; the fourth at Mangala Devi has been fully funded by the charity and is now substantially built.

A newly re-built school, Ukhubari
A newly re-built school, Ukhubari

YYY Foundation are genuinely able to say that almost every penny raised is spent on charitable projects – almost 95% of the money generated so far has been available for our projects.


A linchpin of communities, re-building schools will help to safeguard the future of thousands of children and families across Nepal

YYY Foundation’s first year’s accounts, which cover the period from registration in October 2015 to the 30 September 2016, have been independently reviewed for us and are now fully signed; these are available to view on the Charity Commission’s website.







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